Gekko – Designs Under Wraps

Here at Gekko Designs we like to wrap things. Our latest designs feature tall vases – wrapped in our signature orange fabric, we call it ‘THE SOCK’. This design allows you to hide all the yucky plant stalks from view, it also gives you the unusual opportunity to ‘dress’ you vase in different colours and designs.

Still Life with
Still Life with “Sock”, Jack Russell and ball
Clingy and curvaceous clothing for vases

We’re always on the look-out for other things to wrap. Living in Denmark we’re almost overwhelmed with beautiful oval stones and pebbles (brought by numerous Ice Ages from Norway and Sweden – tak!) These wrapped rocks are beautiful as an artistic object alone. In the past few months we’ve also found that they’re great as door stops and for holding a pile of napkins down!

Big Mamma Gekko! Denmark’s biggest natural resource – boulders! Wrapped, worrying and beautifully presented by Gekko Designs – created in denmark

Photographs of Fredensborg 2015

Twelve new postcards of our local town – Fredensborg

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Website? Showcase? Blog?

Let’s see how this new venture unfolds, but the family design team of Mia, Sasha and Heather welcome you to our creative universe and hope that you enjoy the journey as much as we intend to. We’re travelling quickly forward; visiting photography, product design, jewellery, fashion, lifestyle and – well all things arty along the way. We encourage you to follow our Facebook page: Gekko Designs (link below) and watch-out for the latest additions to our art and design portfolio.